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282801 Mattress 160×200 cm 7 Zone PU Foam 16 cm H2 H3


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Enjoy a good night’s sleep on our extra-soft mattress! This mattress, approximately 16 cm thick, can not only offer a calm sleep, but also guard your spinal health. 1. 7 Zone PU foam technology7 Zone mattress means that 7 different sections of the mattress have different levels of support to help improve spinal alignment. Therefore, the 7 Zone mattress provides unparalleled support for your entire body, with soft support for your shoulders and firm support for your hips and lower back, providing a healthier sleep. 2. NyomáscsökkentésThe mattress can lower the pressure point load of the body, allowing your stressed bones and joints, especially the spine and the neck area, to sufficiently recover overnight. The mattress can fit the contour of your body precisely for a harmonious sleep experience. 3. Comfort in every areaDifferent from conventional mattress with limited comfort zones, our mattress provides the entire lying surface, from the corner to the edge. Thus, you don’t need to change the sleeping position frequently and unconsciously during the night. Additionally, there will be no more noise when you move on the mattress. 4. Easy to keep cleanA lot of sweat and other contaminants accumulates over time on the mattress, but thanks to the practical 4-side zipper, the washable cover can be easily removed, making the mattress easy to keep clean. We recommend you to ventilate the mattress regularly to extend the service life. Please note that you cannot return the mattress for hygiene reasons if the mattress cover has been opened or removed. |

  • Színe: fehér
  • Material: PU foam D25
  • Cover material: 100% polyester
  • Overall dimensions: 160 x 200 x 16 cm (L x W x T)
  • Foam thickness: 14 cm
  • With H2/H3 hardness
  • With washable covers
  • With 4-side zipper
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