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282822 Pillows 2 pcs 70x60x14 cm Memory Foam


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Are you tired of your old worn out pillow and looking for better night’s rest? Enjoy a good night’s sleep on our pressure-relief and neck-support pillows. These pillows, approximately 14 cm thick, can not only offer a calm sleep, but also guard your orthopedic health. Filled with visco foam, the pillow offers optimum pressure relief. Visco foam, also called memory foam, was originally developed by NASA. It can adapt to your neck and head based on warmth and weight. When the material is heated by the body temperature, it will soften and adapt to your contour, and therefore ensures proper orthopedic alignment. Additionally, the cover fabric is breathable and cuddly soft, thus allowing a comfortable and restful sleeping climate. Delivery includes 2 pillows. |

  • Színe: fehér
  • Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 14 cm (L x W x T)
  • Filling material: Memory foam flakes
  • Cover material: 100% polyester
  • Delivery includes 2 pillows
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